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The program aims to facilitate both oral and written communication within a business context. Students will be provided with an ample opportunity to practice all four language skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing and the utilization of such skills professionally. It will also address the challenges of conducting business with peers and partners from different business environments and areas of operation.

The course will feature an interactive approach that will require all students to make an active contribution to group discussions, simulations and case studies.

In addition, part of the course will consist of group and individual presentations. All classes will be held in English and students will be expected to regularly provide written assignments in order to improve their written communication skills.

The course will also feature role plays, simulations, discussions of a wide variety of business issues in the English language and reading a wide variety of texts from business and technical journals to gain an insight into diverse topics. Students will be encouraged to look up a variety of internet sources to research the various topics.

By the end of the course students:

 - will have honed their presentation skills in English.

 - will be able to address the challenges of doing business with partners from different cultural backgrounds.

 - will be able to interact and communicate freely and effectively in English on a wide range of business themes.

 - will be able to adapt to different business etiquettes.

 - will understand important elements of businesses and entrepreneurship. 

 - will have acquired oral skills in presenting and negotiating.

 - will have enhanced their written English skills with regard to internal and external correspondence.

This program is designed for professionals in entry level positions and practicing mid- level managers aspiring to develop their core business skills and improve their ability to use English in professional business environments.

Organizational structure: Structure of companies, sectors of employment and management levels.

Corporate Culture: Corporations of the past and present, types of business organizations, entrepreneurship and company loyalty.

Business Communication: Internal and external correspondence, team working, email writing, social English, cultural awareness, different tones and styles in speaking and writing, telephoning and communication etiquette.

Business concepts: Strategy, tactics, mission, vision, values, objectives.

Meetings: Types of meetings, meeting planing, meeting minutes and participation (discussions, negotiation, brainstorming).

Presentation: Writing reports and proposals, pitching ideas and presenting information.

This programs aims at improving learners’ structure accuracy and range, vocabulary resource, discourse management and ability to use many language functions.

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