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Learner First

Everything is based on the learner’s objectives!
With a maximum of six students in class, you don't have to worry about getting the attention you need. We have designed all the elements to provide learners with a truly beneficial experience.  

TryOut Tests

A complete IELTS test that you undergo at the begining of your program to help us determine your needs and another at the end of your program to help you understand the test experience.

Ongoing Support

Our student councellors and training managers will alwayes be there to help you decide which course is best suited for your needs and to answer all your questions.


We have the best teachers!
We believe that the best way to maintain learner-centeredness in the classroom is by educating instructors to the point when they are fully aware of the different elements that affect students’ progress at the various stages of development. 


Research and development is at the core of our system. We have  gathered helpful material from different sources to create an IELTS preparation program that would provide students with a truly comprehensive experience.

Real Practice

The IELTSPrep program offers a great amount of practice for students. Our practice tests present different stages of difficluty to ensure effectice rehersal. You will spend more than two thirds of the course practicing all kinds of questions that the exam could contain.

All Inclusive

The IELTSPrep Program will prepare you to take the IELTS Academic/General tests with confidence. You will recieve 48 hours of in-class practice, TryOut tests, and over 48 hours of interactive practice materials covering each of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Our listening practice covers all four sections of the listening exam and provides you with clear guidlines of how to answer all different kinds of questions that an IELTS listening test could feature.


Our unique answering technique for the IELTS reading has proven success and effeciency with many students. You will learn how to map passages to conserve time and find the correct answers.


We have developed a very specific technique to answering writing tasks in an the IELTS exam that make the hardest task effortless and trouble-free.


You will learn how to organise your ideas, develop vocabulary related to common topics and the common grammar features you need so that you have a good start, and end, to your talk.

We have a proven track record of successes with a majority of our students achieving outstanding results in the IELTS tests.

We provide learner-oriented classes that and are completely designed to serve your needs. You will be trained to handle all different kinds of questions and tasks using a number of carefully structured techniques that have already proven success with test takers who have achieved up to 8.5 in their IELTS band-score.

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Preliminary Assessment

Visit Alternative Education, meet an advisor, and recieve a language assessment to understand your current standings with language.

Register for a class

Once you sign-up you'll undergo a TryOut test that will help us understand your needs.

Get your schedule

We will contact you the week before the cycle starts to schedule your class and give you information about your first day.

Start your Class

An exciting journey full of learning, collaboration and fun is awaiting you.


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