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Learner First

In order to provide learners with a truly beneficial experience we make sure everything is about them. We use topics that are based on the students’ interests in all of our classes, events and activities, in order to make sure they’re constantly engaged. We then spice these topics up with cultural perspectives and knowledge to inspire them and raise their awareness.


Before we decide what to teach and how to teach it we have to take in consideration the learner’s objectives. That’s why curriculums at Alternative Education are objective based. We do that by replacing the pre-made curriculums with a system where the instructor has the flexibility to choose the methodologies that will help his students realize their potential.


Languages are acquired through comprehension. We provide students with a authentic environment that encourages natural language acquisition through classes where students learn about various topics and cultures and get the opportunity to engage in a spontaneous environment where English is the main the language.


We have the best teachers!
We believe that the best way to maintain learner-centeredness in the classroom is by educating instructors to the point when they are fully aware of the different elements that affect students’ learning and the different stages of development. 


Research and development is at the core of our system. We have been researching language education and developing solutions and programs for more than four years. Our programs have undergone many changes and improvements until they became more advanced and sophisticated than any other program in the market.

Real Practice

The Fluency workshop offer a geat amount of practice for students that is concentrated entirely on comprehensive language immersion by using a task-based approach. The Practice Groups provide an extraordinary environment where students can speak English while have fun discussing various topics.

All Inclusive

The Fluency Workshops offer a combination of guided and unguided practice through two different kinds of classes: CORE classes and Practice classes. Students spend four weeks attending both classes simultaneously to get the best value and achieve maximum results. 

CORE Classes

CORE Classes are where you do most of the learning. They're designed to enhance your structure awareness, enrich your knowledge of language elements and let you practice English with guidance in a controlled environment.

Instructors guide students with day-to-day activities, plan and implement classes, while training managers supervise the process, review material and provide constant support to both instructors and students.

By performing needs analysis before class for every single student, we make sure that their class is going to be relevant to their needs and interests and not teacher or curriculum centered.

We only allow a maximum of EIGHT students in CORE classes. 

Practice Classes

Concentrated entirely on practice and comprehensive language immersion by using a task-based approach. The Practice Groups provide an extraordinary environment where you can practice English and have fun discussing various topics. 

The Practice classes are the closest thing to traveling to an English speaking country. You will practice and observe others using English in a completely authentic environment where instructors are only there to help facilitate communication and activity between students.

You will learn slang, idioms etc. You will remember better because you learn through practice and not cramming. You will join discussions and debates about all kinds of interesting topics and engage in games and fun activities that promote learning and communication.

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Preliminary Assessment

Visit Alternative Education, meet an advisor, and recieve a language assessment to understand your current standings with language.

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