The Beginning

The process of creating Alternative Education started in the Spring of 2011. After observing several language education centers throughout Egypt, we realized what the eager, knowledge-seeking minds of Egypt need: a moral educational establishment that is dedicated to providing its students with a quality education that is personalized to their needs and objectives.


Alternative Education is about much more than just language training. Throughout the last five years we have conducted many cross-cultural activities that promoted cultural awareness and exchange to the people of Mansoura and surrounding cities and villages.

In cooperation with AIESEC Mansoura University; we hosted several cultural exchange events that featured visitors from 8 different countries: India, America, Botswana, Singapore, Uzbekistan, China, Brazil and Taiwan.

We have also cooperate with several social organizations and enterprises with entrepreneurial and cultural missions to help promote a more culturally-aware society.


At Alternative Education, we use research and development and improve programs to become more learner-centered. We refuse to think of teachers only as facilitators of curriculums, instead we educate them till they have the ability to truly influence and inspire students with their knowledge.

We focus on solving real-time problems for our individual and corporate clients. We offer customized solutions that meet their needs and design our programs accordingly.


Alternative Education is a multi-cultural center that aims to improve language education and spread cultural awareness in Egypt.

Alternative Education was founded to address two main issues:

The lack of efficient ESL (English as a second language) in Egypt.

- by researching different theories and methods and developing new programs to improve the quality of English classes offered to the customers and to provide English learners with the space and environment that would support and help them learn English faster and with less effort. Some examples of the programs we’ve developed are:
• The Fluency workshops.
• The Practice Groups.
• The Friday Circles.
• The English Camp in Sharm El Sheikh.
• Mansoura English Community.

The lack of cultural awareness within the Egyptian society.

- by hosting culture oriented events and programs to allow our customers to meet people from different cultures and identify their differences and similarities. Some Examples are:
• The Chinese Cultural Show by Wu Chitsee.
• The Chinese Cultural Week by Jai Injune.
• The Global Cultural Exchange Day.
• The International Volunteering Day.
• Alternative Education Health And Fitness Day.

Company Philosophy

We provide personal service at the core of our business. A B2C business that has a deep impact on beneficiaries and the entire market. We do not do over-the-counter sales or mass product sales but rather a very personal and customized process of service. We have a well-defined mission and a way to achieve that mission. There are five main pillars of our philosophy that define the way we do things around here:

General Management Direction: We offer revolutionary services by operating with a strong sense of urgency to develop, research and improve what we do. We take informed decisions based on facts and previous success stories. We operate in a collaborative, open-minded and decentralized manner. We offer services in a creative and an enlightening way backed by real research and experience.

People Drive: We hire highly cultured people who can enrich the company’s culture and profile. Our people create a truly authentic environment. We go above and beyond the normal standards in serving our customers in a way that creates a deep cultural and emotional impact on customers. We are solution oriented, open minded and energy driven individuals who believe in our mission.

Design Basis: We believe that design is a major element in the quality of the services and products we deliver. We believe in designing fit-for-purpose materials, events, products and experiences to maintain top quality products that are both aligned with our objectives and customized for our customers’ needs.

Purposeful Communication: All forms of communication done by us are meant to convey meaningful messages relating to our culture and the values we create to the public. Messages in different forms like online media, events, and marketing activities are purposeful and are aimed at maintaining sustainable relationships with stakeholders internally and externally.

Sales for Betterment: We target customers who can benefit from our services and we complete the sales process once we are convinced that the services we provide are right for our customers. We focus on building a movement of influencers. We give our customers sincere and empathic advice to build a long- lasting relationship based on trust and continuous development. 

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